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Two women shopping in front of a clothing store.
Two women shopping in front of a clothing store.


Like a walk in the park

When your team can walk to coffee, walk to lunch, walk to the farmers market … or simply walk in the park, it brings balance to their work-life. Not to mention, it helps in recruiting and retaining a high-quality workforce. Mayfair’s 2,000,000-square-foot offering of retail, office, hospitality and light industrial space mixes things up and breaks down the scale to a more human level. And we’re looking for commercial partners to bring our vision to life.

A woman is standing in front of a flower shop.

Retail space

A big helping of

There’s nothing more small-town than an entrepreneurial spirit. Which is alive and well in the Midtown district. Where there are acres of opportunity for restauranteurs, brewers, pitmasters, shop keepers, curators, artists, artisans, makers and bakers. Retailers will benefit from both destination and foot traffic that is expected to grow right along with Mayfair.

A blurry image of people outside a New Braunfels grocery store.
The Mayfair logo. Midtown Mayfair Rendering Midtown Mayfair Rendering

Goin’ down to midtown

Mayfair’s first commercial opportunity, Midtown, is envisioned as a vibrant shopping, dining and workplace district. With a designated exit off I-35, it’s where mom and pop set up shop, innovative companies grow, and people come from near and far for events at Fairway Park. Designed to serve both residents and greater New Braunfels, Midtown gives small-town friendliness a fresh modern edge.

A group of people sitting around a table working on laptops in New Braunfels.

Class-a office

A nice place to
raise a company

The next generation of professional and creative office space is being planned at Mayfair. Smart, flexible, and designed for how businesses operate in today’s world. From scientific and medical facilities to corporate headquarters and remote-first co-working, the future of office is here. And with all that Mayfair has planned, the future is looking better and better.

A group of people drinking wine at a dinner party.


Stay and play

Mayfair is envisioned as a complete community and as a destination for fun. With not one but two I-35 interchanges, the location is ideal for a thriving hotel and several entertainment venues … driving ranges, batting cages, pickleball, movie theater, dance hall, restaurant/brewery … the possibilities are limitless. Bring your big idea to Mayfair.

Two men working on a machine in a factory.

Light industrial

Innovation has an address

The industrious, hard-working spirit of New Braunfels, Texas, can be found right here in Mayfair. Just off I-35 on Mayfair’s west side, a light industrial district is being planned around a bike park and interconnecting trail system. A place to prototype, produce, build, bundle, rig, form, fabricate, store, sell, ship, get the job done and have some fun.

The numbers look good

The sweet spot: location and locals

The perfect mid-point between Austin and San Antonio along the I-35 corridor, Mayfair is an ideal location for commerce. A well-educated workforce, robust economy and a location in one of the nation’s fastest growing markets makes New Braunfels, Texas the place to be. Here’s a quick look at the numbers:

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2 New Braunfels Chamber, 2022
3 Smart Asset, 2022

An infographic showing the statistics for the New Braunfels area. An infographic showing the statistics for the New Braunfels area.