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A waterfall in a river surrounded by trees, located near Mayfair homes and parks trails in New Braunfels.

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Best Bike Trails in the Texas Hill Country

May is National Bike Month and it’s the perfect time for folks to give cycling a try in the Texas Hill Country. This area is full of rolling hills, majestic rivers, canyons, and caverns. There is so much to explore outdoors throughout the area on the amazing bike trails that are available. These scenic routes bring locals and visitors alike through rivers, lakes, parks, and other natural wonders. The Texas Hill Country has routes ideal for beginners to advanced riders.

McKinney Falls State Park

Located in South Austin, McKinney Falls State Park spans 726 acres. Locals and tourists alike love the bike trails available at this beautiful state park. There is a three-mile loop of paved bike trails that is perfect for beginners. There are also six miles of shared trails that are perfect for mountain biking.

Pedernales Falls State Park

Some of the best bike paths move along the Pedernales River. This makes Pedernales Falls State Park a must-see location. Located in Blanco County, this park spans over 5,000 acres. This park boasts a 20 mile trail that can be enjoyed by both beginner and intermediate riders.


(Source: Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Longhorn Caverns State Park

If you are someone who enjoys the breathtaking beauty of natural formations, this is a trail you won’t want to miss. Nearly 40 miles long, this bike trail is perfect for road cyclists who enjoy a challenging ride. The path goes through natural, underground caverns, which is the park’s biggest appeal for riders. Though, with rough terrain and rolling hills, these paths may be best enjoyed by a more experienced rider.

Willow City Loop

One of the best parts of Spring in the Texas Hill Country is when all the rolling hills of wildflowers are in bloom. This loop is a 13-mile road that moves through the natural hills of the area. These paths are easy to ride, but the hills can be hard on beginners depending on their level of activity.

LBJ state park

(Source: Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Lyndon B Johnson State Park and Historic Site

For an easy trail with a great view, LBJ State Park is ideal. This park provides a 2.5-mile multi-use nature trail for both hiking and biking. Riders can also bike along the nine-mile paved loop. With a smooth road and no steep climbs, this bike path is perfect for beginners.

Lost Pines Cruise

For those who prefer a bit more seclusion, the Lost Pines Cruise is the perfect option. The entire loop is 37 miles and moves through pine forests, farmland, and paved roads. It is a smooth ride in general, but the terrain is hilly. Intermediate-level riders will love the breathtaking scenery.

Hit the Trails

When it comes to great places to bike in the Texas Hill Country, the possibilities are endless. Texas is full of natural beauty and one of the best ways to enjoy it is on a bike. Trails vary in difficulty, providing the perfect experience for whatever level of biker.

The new Mayfair community will feature 35 miles of trails and pathways, including dedicated off-street bike lanes, mountain bike trails, and multi-use trails. Greenspace and trails will connect throughout the community, encouraging residents and guests to consider bikes or pedestrian travel to nearby shops, restaurants and employment. Visit for more information.

Featured Image Source: Texas Parks & Wildlife
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