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Discover Peach Fuzz: Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year

The Pantone color of the year 2024 has been crowned, and this year belongs to the aptly-named “Peach Fuzz.” The name alone alludes to soft textures and wholesome food, and this is spot-on visually, as the color seems to induce a sense of comfort and warmth while providing a feast for the eyes. Between pink and orange, this modern take on a classic peachy tone is both eye-catching and nurturing . The tastemakers at Pantone laud their 2024 Color of the Year in abstract but accurate terms like “recalibration,” “tenderness,” “cocooned warmth,” and “a sense of belonging.”

Beyond the walls of the Pantone Color Institute, some of the folks embracing Peach Fuzz with the most enthusiasm are designers and homeowners who have found themselves burned out after a decade of drab earth tones, serious grays, and forgettable neutrals filling up the bulk of each recent year’s “trending paint colors” list. The 2024 color of the year offers a bite of something sweeter and more refreshing. While Peach Fuzz does retain a little of the versatile neutrality and natural vibe that kept earth tones on trend for so long, a room or exterior that tastefully implements Peach Fuzz is going to be anything but drab or forgettable.

How to use Peach Fuzz, Pantone Color of the Year 2024

It’s one thing to admire a color on our computer monitors and hang pretty adjectives on it, but let’s pivot to the real-world applications for Peach Fuzz. Homeowners here in New Braunfels, Texas, for example, can implement the color in a variety of ways to reflect and reinforce our tight-knit, neighborly values. In fact, “community,” “collaboration,” and “caring and sharing” are also among the descriptors Pantone used when talking up their 2024 color of the year.

A few prime ways to use Peach Fuzz for softening up your own property include:

  • Warm, Welcoming Walls – Peach Fuzz is kind of like the Southern comfort food of paints. Using it on an accent wall, door, baseboard, or window frame (or even as the primary color in a bold living room, dining room, or entryway) will make guests and residents feel warm, welcome, and at ease within your walls, much like the smell of a freshly baked peach pie coming out of the oven. If you like how Peach Fuzz looks on a baseboard or trim elements and decide you want to pull in more of the color on a vertical surface without painting an entire wall, you can expand the concept by finding window treatments that closely match the tone.
  • Cozy Furnishings – If you have an end table, dresser, cabinet, lamp, or some other furnishing that needs refinishing, consider a coat of Peach Fuzz to really make it pop. Add some throw pillows, blankets, lampshades, or small rugs in a matching tone to tie things together. Re-doing a single piece of furniture is a great way to see how the color works in your home before fully committing to a Peach Fuzz-oriented redesign.
  • Artistic Accents – For a more subtle taste of Peach Fuzz on your walls, consider painting a set of picture frames or an abstract wall hanging. Even using a little bit of Peach Fuzz on a carefully selected handful of art pieces or decorative items can imbue a room with the color’s harmonious, nurturing vibes.

Choosing Complementary Colors for Peach Fuzz

While Peach Fuzz is not exactly a “neutral” or “earthy” hue, it does have an anchor to the natural world as a fruit-inspired color, and this can make it incredibly versatile in the sense that it plays well with lots of different color schemes. When looking for other colors to use alongside the 2024 color of the year, trust your eyes and your own personal style first and foremost, but if you need a starting point, consider:

  • Soft Greens – Lean into the fruit factor by pairing Peach Fuzz with a lighter green color reminiscent of new spring growth.
  • Elegant Blues – Today’s most popular blue paints range from the super subtle to the brilliantly bold. Many of the colors on this spectrum, when combined with Peach Fuzz, can create a look that is highly sophisticated without being either too boring or too challenging on the eyes.
  • Neutral Tones – Don’t dispose of all those earthy neutral paints you collected over the past few years. Many neutrals can take on surprising new life when you contrast them effectively with a more vibrant color like Peach Fuzz.

Incorporating Peach Fuzz Into Your Design in New Braunfels, TX

If you’re sold on the Peach Fuzz color and ready to make it a focal point of a major room redesign or painting project, there are many reputable professionals available in New Braunfels. A few of our favorite hometown firms to work with include:

  • Parker Home & Design – Offering full-service interior design, home styling, and real estate insights, Megan and Madison at Parker Home & Design are on a mission to beautify Central Texas homes by curating spaces that are both functional and personal.
  • Drift Home Interiors – With a new storefront now serving shoppers in downtown New Braunfels, Drift Home Interiors is renowned for specializing in beautiful Moroccan rugs but can also offer comprehensive help designing and furnishing interiors.
  • Currents Decor & Design – This local operation trades in world-class interior design services and high-end home decor to suit a variety of tastes. If that isn’t enough to convince you to visit Currents Decor & Design on East San Antonio Street, did we mention they also have a full beer and wine garden on-site?

Even if you’re not looking for full-service interior design help, we encourage you to visit the businesses above, as well as peruse New Braunfels’ thriving local art scene and antique shops. Getting out into the community and seeing firsthand what local businesses and craftspeople have to offer is the perfect way to find those unique decorating touches that help to make a house a home.

Mayfair, TX – Where Life is Peachy!

Mayfair is an exciting new residential development in the heart of New Braunfels, with new units in a variety of floorplans available soon. For more fun and useful insights into home design and New Braunfels living, please be sure to bookmark the Mayfair website and check back regularly for new content. We hope to see you this year at the launch of our first annual Mayfest event in 2024, where our community will celebrate with a day of food, friends, and fun.

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