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The entrance to the new New Brunswick city hall, surrounded by parks, trails, and Mayfair homes.

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New Braunfels City Council greenlights the first sector of Mayfair development

via New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung:

New Braunfels City Council members on Monday approved the Mayfair development’s Sector Plan 1.

It’s the first such site plan submitted by SouthStar Communities since the New Braunfels-based developer’s announcement of the 1,800-acre mixed-use project last year, slated to bring up to 6,000 homes, 330 acres of public parks, 70 acres of commercial property, 120 acres of mixed-use development, a 160-acre employment park and four new Comal ISD schools over a 15-year buildout.

Sector Plan 1, located just north of Kohlenberg Road and east of I-35, includes about 387 acres planned for mixed-use residential to consist of 1,532 dwelling units, a school site, a recreation center site and around 99 acres of parks.

Sector plans, the first step in the development process following the establishment of the Master Framework Plan, is a more detailed map out of neighborhood structure, typically a minimum of 100 acres, outlining land use and intensity, internal connectivity, major and minor roadways, major accessways and parks.

A sector plan must comply with the Master Framework Plan, which contains design standards, applications, processes and improvements unique to the development, as well as standards set out in the Development and Design Control Document, the primary document regarding the design standards, processes and applications to which all development activity is reviewed and governed.

Jean Drew, the city’s assistant director of planning and development services, informed council members that the “project is in compliance with the Master Framework Plan and is in compliance with the comprehensive plan in Envision New Braunfels.”

Sector Plan 1 identifies two proposed water quality/stormwater detention facilities. City staffers will review final drainage with the construction plans submitted with the public improvement permit prior to final plat submission.

Electric, water and wastewater services will be provided by New Braunfels Utilities.

The plan includes the development of required nature trails within its boundaries. Plans also call for one community Park, two greenbelt/conservation/trail parks, two pocket parks, two recreation centers and several natural areas and easements comprising 99 acres. All residential units in the Mayfair development are required to be within a quarter-mile of parkland.

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