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New Home Interior Design Trends You Need To See

Interior design can be a complex project. You must make deeply personal choices while also considering what looks will be functional and resonate with other occupants and visitors. The grand and diverse landscapes of the Texas Hill Country can serve as a great inspiration for a wide variety of home interior styles, from filling a ranch house with country charm to bringing a little outdoor comfort into a compact, urban unit.

New Home Interior Design Trends to Incorporate

With developers in some of Texas’s hottest housing markets currently building stunning new residential projects, like Mayfair in New Braunfels, and offering incredible incentives to fill them, many new and current Texans will need new home design ideas in 2023.

Here are some of today’s cutting-edge new home interior design trends that are shaping up to be as big as the Texas sky in 2023.

Bold Colors to Draw in the Eye

Texas designers are incorporating bold and vibrant colors into their designs, from deep blues to bright pinks and everything in between. While exterior trends are all about natural, earthy tones these days, interiors are all about bold choices and big contrasts. Use a powerful red to create a sense of energy around your favorite art piece, a bright blue window treatment to highlight a favorite view, or a verdant green accent wall to create a space that is simultaneously playful and comfortable.

Natural Materials Create Outdoor Peace

Those dramatic Texas landscapes, as well as the region’s flora and fauna, can provide all kinds of inspiration for designers who want to use natural materials to draw the organic flows and serene vibes of nature into their interior spaces. Wood and stone are time-tested design materials, but don’t overlook furs, leathers, and even bone elements.

Industrial Chic Speaks to Texas History

The bold industrial chic trend combines raw materials like salvaged concrete and distressed metal with other vintage elements, often in the form of one-of-a-kind art pieces. Perhaps you’ve seen rusted farm implements or auto parts hanging on the wall of a favorite bar or brewery or empty cable spools repurposed as tables. These are common but effective examples of industrial chic decorating techniques. The internet is full of other DIY projects for creating chic industrial spaces. The style is gaining popularity in Texas because the reclaimed pieces used in chic industrial features often speak to the state’s history of ranching, oil, and other industries.

Mid-Century Modern is Never Out of Style in the Lone Star State

The mid-century modern aesthetic is defined by clean lines, organic shapes, and natural materials. While “mid-century” refers to a style that peaked 75 years ago, these timeless ideas have essentially never gone off-trend in the state of Texas, where sensible, quasi-country looks are always in style.

Textured Walls for Multi-Sensory Interest

Textured walls can be created easily and cost-effectively with nothing more than some plaster and a sponge or putty knife. With this method alone, there are literally thousands of possible textures you can add to walls and ceilings. You can go a step further and use natural stone or colored tiles. You can even use broken glass shards to create a mosaic feature if you’re big on repurposing found materials. Walls that feature natural interest pieces, such as grass squares, leather panels, wall-mounted terrariums, or an inset fish tank, are also popular.

Mixing Styles, Materials, and Textures Creates Interesting, Organic Spaces

Designers throughout Texas and the Southwest are lately embracing a fusion concept, where a bold but intentional mix of styles, materials, and textures creates a coherent design. This concept is achieved by combining traditional and contemporary elements to create unique, highly personal spaces. This layering can be done in extremely simple ways, such as taking a vintage leather easy chair and draping it with a vibrant, colorful serape blanket or an antique lamp paired with colored LED mood lighting and a modern shade design. The most purely “Texas” example we can think of would be to take the quintessential Texas longhorn skull and mount it on something with modern or industrial chic vibes rather than the traditional wooden trophy plate. For example, a distressed metal panel or mirror. You could take this bold concept a step further (and make it friendly for vegan homes) by 3D printing the steer skull in flat white or matte black. 

Statement Lighting Is Cheap and Effective

Bold, eye-catching lighting fixtures are used as statement pieces throughout many San Antonio homes. Depending on the direction you take in choosing your sconces, lamps, and main lighting fixtures, this can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home or bring in a little bit of “wild west” Texas flair. The options for mixing and matching light fixtures today are nearly as endless as the options for choosing paint colors. And once the fixtures are installed, why not outfit them with affordable, multi-colored LED smart bulbs? LED bulbs save on your home’s energy costs, and bulbs that can change color allow you to make dramatic changes to your interior vibes with a simple voice command when paired with a home automation platform like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

A Focus on Sustainability Creates Spaces You Can Feel Good About for Years to Come

Don’t forget to consider eco-friendly and sustainable design elements when creating your new home interior. You can consider sustainability at just about every step of the design process, from choosing environmentally friendly paints to energy-efficient lighting and appliances, using recycled and repurposed materials, and working with ethical materials suppliers are just some of the ways you can make your new interior space more sustainable. You can also use live plants and indoor garden walls to add beauty and interest to your spaces while also helping to improve the air quality.

The Best New Home Interior Design Trend? The One That You Love!

The most important thing to remember is that this is your new home and your personal space. Don’t make your final decisions based on what you think the hot trends will be in 2024. Instead, take your time exploring the options and then choose what you and your family love and want to see every day when you return home from work or school.

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