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A mother and daughter strolling in a park at sunset in New Braunfels, Texas.

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The Appeal of Nature: Trends in Recreation and Leisure in 2022

Covid-19 created ongoing changes and trends that we are still experiencing over two years later. The way we interact with others, the way we work, and even the way we live have all been affected and changed due to the pandemic. Some changes that have taken place have proved positive, improving our way of life and ensuring ongoing health and happiness.

During the pandemic, regardless of where we lived, we all were likely forced into some period of seclusion. For many states and areas, stay-at-home orders forced us to isolate ourselves from those around us and stay inside to try and curb the rate of infection. The only escape that many could enjoy safely was finding ways to get outside.

Natural parks and trails became the safest way to leave the house. Nature is vast and open, allowing individuals to breathe deeply, mask-free, and without worry. Having a safe and reliable escape led to an increasing trend in people across the country actively seeking to not only visit natural parks and trails but to find homes that were close to these areas.


Trends in Recreation and Leisure 2022

The importance of parks during Covid-19 quickly became evident to anyone tracking people’s recreation habits during the pandemic. With Covid-19 protocols drastically limiting the recreational activities people could engage in, socially distant, solo-friendly activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking saw a massive surge in popularity. In fact, park use jumped 79% from March to July 2020 as the pandemic climbed to one of its first significant peaks. This newly rekindled love of the outdoors and natural spaces has stuck into 2022.

The Power of Nature

In the span of Hill Country Texas, there are numerous parks and trails to choose from for tourists and residents alike. For those looking to purchase a new home in the area, many are actively looking for locations within close distance to these various parks or trails. Natural trails and parks provide physical and mental benefits. With the various trails to choose from, you can find the right fit for your experience level and desired effort. Regular trail walking, running, or biking can improve physical fitness and well-being. In addition to your physical health, getting out into nature is great for your mental health. It provides an ideal opportunity to take a deep breath and focus on yourself, leaving the stresses of daily life behind. Living close to this escape continues to be a top priority for those interested in living in the area.


Popular Trails and Parks in Hill Country

The Mayfair community will feature homes connected by over 30 miles of trails and pathways, including a dedicated bike lane. The 1,900-acre planned community in New Braunfels is under construction now, planned for the first homes to be ready in late 2023. From Mayfair, residents will be able to access over 330 acres of community trails, and nearby Hill Country trails, parks and natural areas.  Some of the most popular natural getaways in Hill Country include:

  • Enchanted Rock State National Park- Located in beautiful Fredericksburg, TX, there are endless outdoor activities available at this park. There are nearly 11 miles of hiking trails available, all providing a breathtaking view of Hill Country. This massive pink granite dome has been drawing visitors for thousands of years. Visitors can enjoy the trails, rock climb on the numerous foundations, bird watch, geocache, and stargaze into the night. This park is great for a day escape, or you can bring your gear and set up a tent for a memorable camping experience.
  • Hill Country State Natural Area- Located in Bandera, TX, this expansive area provides the perfect getaway. There are 5,000 acres of canyons, plateaus, and creeks. You can enjoy camping, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, and even horseback riding. Trails vary from easy to challenging, making it a great spot for any experience level.
  • Pedernales Falls State Park- located in Johnson City, TX, this park offers a great escape into natural wonders and sites. You can hike, mountain bike, bird watch, ride horses, picnic, and more. On the Pedernales River, you can swim, tube, and fish. You can also enjoy the local butterfly garden, wildlife, and plants.

Moving Closer to Nature

The appeal to be closer to the natural wonders around us shows no sign of slowing down. At Mayfair, there are endless options for current homeowners or those seeking to move to find the perfect home that is close to one of these natural wonders.  Nature doesn’t have to be a long journey away. It can be right in your own backyard. Contact us today to learn more about the Mayfair community, coming soon.


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