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Comal and Guadalupe River Tubing Opportunities

Several attractions make New Braunfels, Texas, a memorable and enjoyable location. From museums to zoos, the New Braunfels community has it all. Other activities like shopping, biking, and sports may be enjoyable, but if the heat is too much or you want something less physical, going tubing is a fantastic alternative. For those who enjoy river tubing or want to experience it for the first time, consider planning a day of tubing at the Comal or Guadalupe Rivers! 

What Is River Tubing? 

River tubing involves riding an inner tube down a river. This can be done in a relaxing or energetic manner, as many people who use river tubes do so for sport. No matter your physique or age, anyone can enjoy Comal and Guadalupe river tubing. 

River tubing is most often a more gentle activity than other water activities. You can either bring your own tube or rent one from a local company. Tubing usually takes place at a part of the water with a strong enough current to let you travel. While you may get wet, you can avoid falling off of the tube entirely. Of course, it’s highly recommended to wear a safety vest in case you do go in the water. 

Comal River Float 

Both residents and vacationers in New Braunfels have enjoyed navigating the Comal River, and for good reason. The river is shorter than the nearby Guadalupe River, and the water is generally more calm. The Comal River spans nearly two and a half miles, with a temperature fluctuating between 70 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. For beginners or those wanting a shorter and more relaxing experience, Comal River tubing may be the activity for you. 

The Comal River tends to get quite busy during the late spring up to early fall. Texas is known for its significant heat in the summer, and the river’s calm and refreshing water may be just what you need. 

Guadalupe River Float

The Guadalupe River is much larger than the Comal River, spanning nearly 230 miles from the San Antonio Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. 

For more experienced swimmers and tubing enthusiasts, the Guadalupe River offers a longer and more scenic view of New Braunfels. If you don’t mind a longer and more involved tubing experience, the Guadalupe River can be a memorable break from the intense Texas heat. 

The Rules of River Tubing 

If you’re considering visiting either the Comal or Guadalupe River to enjoy a day of tubing, there are some ground rules you must be aware of. 

Any disposable items, including cans, cups, bags, boxes, and bottles, are banned from the rivers. A New Braunfels disposable can ban was put into effect in order to keep rivers clean. With clean rivers, more people continue to come to visit the local community and enjoy tubing, swimming, fishing, and more. 

If you still want to bring food and beverages to the river, you’re allowed to bring resealable containers and bottles. Every person is allowed to bring one cooler, which can’t exceed 30 quarts in size. 

There are other rules to keep in mind to protect both the rivers and each other: 

  • Any noise devices (stereos, phones, etc.) cannot be audible past 50 feet. 
  • No glass or foam containers. 
  • No littering. 
  • All inner tubes cannot exceed five feet in diameter. 
  • Each person is limited to two tubes. 

By adhering to the local law, everyone can enjoy this wonderful attraction without worrying about becoming injured or put in danger. 

How to Prepare for Your Tubing Adventure 

Once you’ve decided which river you’d like to experience and what the rules are, it’s time to prepare for your fun and exciting day! 

There are certain items you’ll want to consider bringing along to either river. While none are required, each can make the tubing experience more enjoyable for everyone. 

  • Sunblock – The Texas heat can become intense, and you don’t want to dismiss the sun’s beaming rays, either. Make sure you bring sunblock and apply it before and during your tubing journey. The water may help you cool off, but your skin will gain extra protection from the sun by applying sunblock. This is especially true for anyone looking to experience the Guadalupe River, as these tubing sessions can last much longer than those on the Comal River. 
  • Drinking water or beverages – Nothing beats relaxing in a tube navigating gently down the river alongside a cold, refreshing beverage. Keep in mind that your beverage should be kept in a resealable bottle, as disposable bottles and cups are banned from both rivers. If the heat is a bit much, you’ll want to cool off with a cold beverage of your choice. 
  • Athletic shoes – Both the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers contain rocks, vegetation, mud, and other elements commonly found alongside water. It’s crucial you wear proper footwear while tubing, as this will protect your feet should you need to get out. If you fall out of your tube, you can walk along the ground without worrying about injury. 
  • Waterproof phone case and dry sack – It may seem tempting to bring multiple items along for the tubing journey, but it’s recommended to only bring what you need. If you’re bringing your phone, put it in a sack or waterproof case to protect it. 

Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary items, you’re ready to experience a tubing adventure you can only find in New Braunfels. 

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