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As another winter passes into memory and warmer weather begins to set in, this change is echoed outside in countless ways. From new flowers and foliage to different birds coming home for the season and those longer, sunnier days making their comeback, spring announces itself proudly throughout New Braunfels and the Texas Hill Country beyond. When it comes to bringing that sense of springtime renewal into your own home, however, you can’t rely on nature to do it for you.

A major spring cleaning project can be a daunting prospect, even in terms of finding the time to start. Going into this battle with a great plan that zooms in on your key needs and strengths will help ensure that your spring cleaning sessions are productive and focused. Having a concrete spring cleaning strategy in place can help you see the light at the end of the cleaning tunnel from the very first step, which gives you motivation to see the job through.

With that in mind, here are five spring cleaning tips to help you develop–and execute–your own post-winter cleaning list.

1. Streamline Your Spaces

A great first step for those busy, “lived-in” homes is a basic decluttering of each room. This has an immediate visual impact that will help motivate you to keep going. It also serves the practical purpose of making it easier to move through your home as you go about your various cleaning projects. Start by taking care of the following:

Deal with out-of-place items that can be readily put away in their proper place (hanging up jackets, putting dirty clothes in the laundry, etc.)

Toss out any disposable items that are no longer needed. Instead of running back and forth to the trash throughout your spring cleaning process, take this opportunity to get a large lawn and leaf-style trash bag started, then keep it handy as you move from task to task. Remember to properly sort any recyclable items.

Start a donation pile (or better yet, a bin/box) for items that are still useful but which you and your family no longer need. You can also start a resale pile in addition to (or instead of) a donation pile, but be sure to fully consider the extra labor and stress involved in listing items online or organizing a yard sale.

2. A Bonding Experience for the Whole Family

Parents know that trying to get their kids involved in household chores is not always a pleasant or easy task. As the weather gets warmer, there are probably a million things your kids would rather be doing than helping with the spring cleaning, but it’s important to involve everyone.

Giving your children (or roommates, etc.) thoughtfully chosen, age-appropriate, and meaningful tasks can help give them a sense of pride and ownership in their space. Assign each family member specific tasks with achievable goals. Also, allow children to make meaningful decisions about which items they are ready to move on from and put in the donation or resale pile.

If necessary, set up an appropriate reward system to encourage your family to stay engaged. A small gift card for their favorite hobby store or video game system can work wonders to keep easily distracted kids on task. If your spouse is the squeaky wheel in this scenario, promise you’ll take them to Mayfest 2024 this spring if you get a little less whining and a little more vacuuming. (You were already planning to go anyway, but that’s beside the point.)

With some pre-planning and a focus on realistic goals, getting the kids and other stubborn household members involved can help make spring cleaning much easier.

3. Make the Most of Every Inch

Creative storage solutions have an almost magical way of creating usable space. Sometimes, this can be done simply by thinking about your spaces in a different way. Then, you can make adjustments to use them more effectively. In other scenarios, evolving your storage effectively might mean a pretty serious DIY project that extends well beyond the scope of mere spring cleaning.

The way you approach this strategy will be informed by your own individual spaces, goals, needs, and existing furnishings, but here are some ideas to guide you into the right mindset:

Under-Bed Organization – For example, large rolling drawers or purpose-built chests can maximize the use of every vertical inch.

Wall-Mounted Shelves – Cramped kitchens and workshops can also benefit from wall-mounted countertops. These can be folded down to open the area back up for general use when your work is done.

Multi-Functional Furniture – You don’t have to go wild with extravagant (and expensive) custom builds to implement this idea effectively. Think about simple, timeless options as well, such as a footstool or bench with a removable top that can double as a storage chest.

4. Go Green for Springtime Vibes (and for your Allergies)

Today’s social spaces are full of conversations about finding “greener” ways to do things, as public concern for the environment remains high. You can take some simple, practical steps to create a spring cleaning routine that’s a little more eco-friendly.

Use natural cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon wherever they are effective.

When a more serious product is needed, check the label for information about ingredients and their environmental impact.

Clean your air vents and air filters as part of your spring cleaning routine to freshen up the air without spraying artificial chemical scents.

Limiting your spring cleaning’s reliance on harsh chemicals isn’t just good for reducing your environmental impact; it’s also better for your health in a more direct way. “Green” factor aside, gentler cleaning products (and cleaning methods) might help reduce or eliminate some of those spring allergy symptoms you and your family may have been struggling with.

5. Don’t Forget Digital Cluttering

Many people spend a large portion of their lives online, so it’s only logical that some of their spring cleaning should occur in the digital realm as well. Just like your in-home cleaning, this is important to do for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

In between your more physically demanding spring cleaning tasks, block out an hour or two to work on organizing and deleting unwanted items from:

Of course, the key secret to getting the absolute most out of spring cleaning is to have a home that you love in the first place. If you’re looking for a place to call your own in the New Braunfels area, Mayfair offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and modern living. With a variety of highly inspired new homes in the midst of parks, trails, and a vibrant community, you’ll feel right at home. Check back often for news about the community and information about new units available.

As 2024 continues, now is a great time to explore trends in home design that may be seen during the year. Mayfair has a wide range of experience in home building and can offer key insights into what to look for as you consider building a new home in 2024. Highland Homes builds in the Mayfair community and has designed award winning homes across the state of Texas for nearly 40 years. Let’s take a look at some of the trends that Highland Homes is seeing this year!

Home Design Trends From the Highland Homes Product Team

Biophilic Design & Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Connectivity

Indoor/outdoor spaces can allow you to connect with nature and your surroundings more easily. Having sliders and large windows to bring in natural light, will provide fresh air, and allow for views outside, which is a huge plus. Providing indoor/outdoor connectivity highlights the seasonal changes, sounds, and sensory outputs of nature, and this choice is becoming much more popular. As the world becomes more digital, being in tune with nature and fresh air is even more important for every homeowner.

Multiple Outdoor Living Areas

Many homeowners are now searching for more multi-functional outdoor living areas. You might choose to create outdoor kitchens, dining spots, fire pits, or areas that are dedicated to yoga or meditation. These unique spaces could make your home both special and functional!

Secondary Spaces Grow in Importance

These days, more homeowners are finding themselves in need of extended or secondary spaces like gyms, offices, entertainment centers, and places of rest. You’re likely spending more time at home than you have in recent years, and Highland Homes can provide the space you need with up to six-bedroom houses. Buying a home with extended spaces can be a valuable investment for you and your loved ones.

Highland Homes offers large utility rooms with storage and laundry folding spaces and larger pantries, providing you with the space you need for you and your family. They also offer creative storage options, customized closet and cabinet solutions, and much more. You need places to store all of your valuables, and larger home spaces can make sure that you and your family have both storage and room to live.

Dedicated Work/Study Spaces

Like many families, one large study may not be enough for you and your loved ones. In select plans, you get the option for two study spaces (for example, an office plus an optional pocket office or an office plus an additional second office). While the trend of working from home has started to wane over the past several months, many people still do remote work. With adequate light placement and additional workspaces, you can create a home office environment that can provide enough room for those who need it.

Focus on Health and Wellness

If you’re one of many people with a focus on health and wellness, dedicating a flexible space to be used as a yoga space, gym, meditation, or prayer room could be life-changing. The key to health and wellness starts in the home. Good air quality, no toxic materials, and healthy doses of natural sunlight can give you peace of mind knowing that your health is not being compromised.

Spa-Inspired Bathrooms

Spa weekends have traditionally been reserved for only those who can afford to get away for a luxurious retreat. Now, instead of having to go away from your home for that experience, you can get the spa experience in the bathroom of your own home. With whirlpool-style tubs and enhanced steam shower systems, the home bathroom is becoming more integrated with spa systems, giving homeowners that vaunted spa experience in the comfort of their homes.

Other Popular Home Design Trends

Highland Homes is known for incorporating design trends that resonate with homeowners. This year, warm and neutral colors like beige, off-white, and a rich brown are in style, while previously trendy cool grays and white colors are becoming less popular. As you search for inspiration or a starting point in a new home build, maybe you’ll decide on a more timeless design. More people are incorporating rustic wood elements, arches, and brick into their new, modern homes.

Blending backsplashes is a unique way of making your kitchen stand out even more. The trend involves installing stone or quartz in the kitchen wall behind the cooktop while keeping the surrounding backsplash area as tile, offering a unique blend.

All shades of blue are back and trending, from sky blue to deep-water tints. Blue is expected to be more prominent in decorative materials, housewares, and other art pieces in 2024.

Functionality has always been important aspect of home design, but combining the use of mudrooms with laundry rooms is becoming popular once again. Leaving the mess from outdoors in one designated area can help keep the rest of the home clean and clutter-free. On a related note, you can optimize storage by freeing your kitchen of excess gadgets that don’t get regular use— including an appliance garage is a trend that can help keep your home free of clutter.

In 2024, handmade details for the home are in high demand. Items like handmade tiles, bathroom vanities, and other elements are key in design and can create a unique sense of versatility.

 What’s more, cabinet fluting is yet another trend we expect to see in 2024. Fluting a cabinet creates a vertical wood molding that can add decorative, functional detail to your home.

The Highland Way

The 216 Plan in Mayfair ’60s is the perfect way to highlight the many options for improved functionality or livability. With spacious floor plans and countless options for storage, these quick move-in homes incorporate the latest trends in home design while remaining timeless.

Mayfair works with the most reputable builders in the New Braunfels area, including Coventry Homes, Perry Homes, Highland Homes, Toll Brothers, David Weekley Homes, and Scott Felder Homes. Be sure to stay up to date with the new housing trends in the market and keep an eye out for inspiration for your next home!

The Pantone color of the year 2024 has been crowned, and this year belongs to the aptly-named “Peach Fuzz.” The name alone alludes to soft textures and wholesome food, and this is spot-on visually, as the color seems to induce a sense of comfort and warmth while providing a feast for the eyes. Between pink and orange, this modern take on a classic peachy tone is both eye-catching and nurturing . The tastemakers at Pantone laud their 2024 Color of the Year in abstract but accurate terms like “recalibration,” “tenderness,” “cocooned warmth,” and “a sense of belonging.”

Beyond the walls of the Pantone Color Institute, some of the folks embracing Peach Fuzz with the most enthusiasm are designers and homeowners who have found themselves burned out after a decade of drab earth tones, serious grays, and forgettable neutrals filling up the bulk of each recent year’s “trending paint colors” list. The 2024 color of the year offers a bite of something sweeter and more refreshing. While Peach Fuzz does retain a little of the versatile neutrality and natural vibe that kept earth tones on trend for so long, a room or exterior that tastefully implements Peach Fuzz is going to be anything but drab or forgettable.

How to use Peach Fuzz, Pantone Color of the Year 2024

It’s one thing to admire a color on our computer monitors and hang pretty adjectives on it, but let’s pivot to the real-world applications for Peach Fuzz. Homeowners here in New Braunfels, Texas, for example, can implement the color in a variety of ways to reflect and reinforce our tight-knit, neighborly values. In fact, “community,” “collaboration,” and “caring and sharing” are also among the descriptors Pantone used when talking up their 2024 color of the year.

A few prime ways to use Peach Fuzz for softening up your own property include:

Choosing Complementary Colors for Peach Fuzz

While Peach Fuzz is not exactly a “neutral” or “earthy” hue, it does have an anchor to the natural world as a fruit-inspired color, and this can make it incredibly versatile in the sense that it plays well with lots of different color schemes. When looking for other colors to use alongside the 2024 color of the year, trust your eyes and your own personal style first and foremost, but if you need a starting point, consider:

Incorporating Peach Fuzz Into Your Design in New Braunfels, TX

If you’re sold on the Peach Fuzz color and ready to make it a focal point of a major room redesign or painting project, there are many reputable professionals available in New Braunfels. A few of our favorite hometown firms to work with include:

Even if you’re not looking for full-service interior design help, we encourage you to visit the businesses above, as well as peruse New Braunfels’ thriving local art scene and antique shops. Getting out into the community and seeing firsthand what local businesses and craftspeople have to offer is the perfect way to find those unique decorating touches that help to make a house a home.

Mayfair, TX – Where Life is Peachy!

Mayfair is an exciting new residential development in the heart of New Braunfels, with new units in a variety of floorplans available soon. For more fun and useful insights into home design and New Braunfels living, please be sure to bookmark the Mayfair website and check back regularly for new content. We hope to see you this year at the launch of our first annual Mayfest event in 2024, where our community will celebrate with a day of food, friends, and fun.

The charm and whimsy of New Braunfels, TX, with its old-world architectural flourishes and small-town atmosphere, make it a great place to feel that vintage Christmas spirit. One of the best ways to embrace this festive magic is with New Braunfels shopping at our local shops to help you finish up those stubborn entries on your gift-giving list or add a one-of-kind touch to your holiday decor with pieces from local artists and craftspeople. 

The area offers no shortage of great destinations for those looking to Christmas shop in New Braunfels, TX, from high-end boutiques to major department stores to New Braunfels resale shops and antique experts. Today, we’ll zoom in on a small slice of this vibrant holiday retail scene by focusing on five of our favorite uniquely local New Braunfels holiday shopping destinations. 

Stahlman’s at Bear Creek – Farm Stand and Pecans 

Starting from New Braunfels’ Mayfair residential development, a scenic half-hour drive toward Canyon Lake and the Texas Hill Country will bring you to Stahlman’s at Bear Creek. In our opinion, this charming store’s Google Maps classification as “Grocery and Pecans” is a major under-sell. Make no mistake, Stahlman’s is your one-stop shop for farm-fresh groceries and delicious pecan products, but it has so much more to offer, especially during this most festive time of year. 

Beyond the fresh veggies, meats, and dairy products sourced from the Stahlmans’ own local, family-run farming operations, Stahlman’s at Bear Creek also offers a variety of gift-worthy items. When you venture past the “farm stand” storefront and go inside, the building becomes a deli and general store stocked with a wealth of amazing gift possibilities, including lovingly handmade jams, pasta, candles, pickles, sauces, and more—including seasonal crafts to give your home’s Christmas decorations a one-of-a-kind touch. 

The Barn – Handmade Pottery and Fine Art Gallery 

A barn nestled within the historic Gruene area, The Barn is an active pottery operation and art gallery that continues the legacy of Buck Pottery, established on the site in 1982. The Barn’s primary business is showcasing work made on-site by local artists, but it has expanded to become a hub of the local art scene. The Barn’s unique setting and lovingly maintained gallery serve as a testament to the timeless art of pottery and the power of art. 

With a diverse selection of pottery and other art for sale, The Barn is a must-visit for anyone seeking the most unique handmade gifts. Don’t miss a chance to witness the creative process in action and take home your own tangible, functional piece of New Braunfels’ creative spirit, whether as a gift, an upscale Christmas decoration, or a practical everyday item for your home. 

Black Swan Antiques

While the New Braunfels Antique Mall in downtown New Braunfels is a bit more high traffic (and no wonder, as it hosts over 60 vendors), the area also has some quirkier, more under-the-radar antique collections that are worth perusing, especially when you’re shopping for those hard-to-gift folks on your list. One of our favorites is Black Swan Antiques, located in the historic Hempe House. 

While many of the region’s antiques vendors tend to focus on Texas and the Old West, Black Swan stands out because they also specialize in importing antiques directly from collections throughout Europe. From furniture to stoneware and copper artifacts, the store curates a collection that is highly eclectic while still being accessible to a variety of tastes. 

Regarding Christmas gift shopping, it’s worth noting that Black Swan Antiques is also an exclusive vendor for products from Verbena Soap Co. and Carolina Moon Jewelry, allowing you to potentially scratch some non-antique items off your gift list with a visit. 

Gruene General Store

You can’t have a proper, old-fashioned New Braunfels Christmas without visiting the iconic Gruene General Store. Established in 1878 by Henry Gruene himself, this charming shop is not just a local fixture but a major tourist destination and an essential stop for anyone who wants to step back in time for a taste of Texas’s Wild West history. 

Located in the heart of New Braunfels’ historic Gruene district, there’s no better place to find locally made fudge, honey, salsa, local souvenirs, and great Texas-made products. The old-school wooden floors and nostalgic displays are a treat year-round, but Christmastime is when the store comes alive. 

For those who want to feel like they’re stepping into a Hallmark Christmas movie set in New Braunfels, the Gruene General Store’s vintage charm might rival a winter trip to The Barn. 

The Local

Conveniently located on North Castell Avenue, The Local is perfect for those seeking unique gifts with a vintage flair. This shop is known for its steadfast support of local artists, a laid-back atmosphere, and friendly staff. Well-stocked with art, apparel, and other gift items, The Local is an excellent stop for special and unique gifts. 

If you’ve been on your feet shopping all day, consider stopping into The Local to check out their cozy sitting area and browse their great selection of new and used books to find a gift for the reader on your list. Then, when you’re feeling re-energized, get up and take a look at all the beautiful artwork, shirts, and locally-made items before you check out. 

New Braunfels Shopping – A One-of-a-Kind Holiday Experience for the Whole Family 

This holiday season, immerse yourself in the rich local flavors of New Braunfels and its vibrant scene of artists, farmers, and creators. From farm-fresh foods for the Christmas table to handmade pottery and rare antique treasures, each store on this list—and so many others in town—offers a distinctly memorable and satisfying shopping experience. 

Embrace the spirit of a classic hometown holiday right here in New Braunfels by supporting local businesses and finding one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone who made it onto Santa’s “nice” list this year—and be sure to read more from the What’s Happening Mayfair blog often for more great local tips. 

At Mayfair, we believe building a sustainable community lies in the dedication and expertise of our team. We’re delighted to introduce the newest addition to our team, Development Manager James Tipton. As development manager, James is responsible for overseeing the development activities and guiding the execution of the vision for Mayfair.

A Texas A&M graduate with over five years in property development and management, James brings with him a wealth of knowledge and passion for community growth in New Braunfels. We sat down with our newest team member to learn more about his career journey and what inspired him to join Mayfair and New Braunfels.

Q: Can you share a bit about your background and experience in development?

Prior to coming to Mayfair, I worked with another development group in New Braunfels that was developing a master-planned community similar to Mayfair in size and scope. Most of my experience in development was gleaned from that project.

Q: What motivated you to take on the role of Development Manager at Mayfair?

I saw the advertisements for the Mayfair community and had done a fair amount of research on Southstar to know that the product they will deliver would be special and positively impact New Braunfels.

Q: New Braunfels is a unique and vibrant community. How do you envision aligning your expertise with the values and aspirations of its residents?

New Braunfels feels like a small town with so many charming characteristics, and being a part of the community itself, I particularly enjoy that small-town feel. I believe that sentiment is the exact outcome that Mayfair is trying to replicate in New Braunfels. We want Mayfair to be a small town in and of itself.

Q: What are your top priorities for enhancing the living experience for residents and the New Braunfels community?

I want residents to want to be in Mayfair for more than just where they start and end their day. Mayfair has the potential to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of living, and I want to help deliver that vision. There will be numerous benefits in the public amenities and added points of interest that will increase the quality of life for the Mayfair residents and the people of New Braunfels as a whole.

Q: What are you most excited about in this development?

I am excited about the emphasis being placed on the parks and trails. With one of the first projects being delivered, including a pump track and a disc golf course, I think it will add so much to the community right away.

Q: What innovative amenities or features are planned at Mayfair that will make the community stand out?

The way Southstar has planned the phases of Mayfair is unique. A seamless integration of parks, commercial property, and residential space makes Mayfair stand out from other developments in the region.

Q: What do you foresee the lasting impact of Mayfair being on New Braunfels?

The commercial opportunities, the parks and trails, and the variety of residential housing options will all contribute to the City of New Braunfels, producing that small-town feel that will be accessible to everyone in New Braunfels.

Q: What does being a part of a project like Mayfair mean to you?

We get to create a brand new community from scratch. The excitement and vision for a project like this is a “can’t miss” opportunity, and being part of that means a new adventure every day.

To keep up with Mayfair, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter! 

The holiday season is all about joy, warmth, festive get-togethers, and, of course, delicious food. In the spirit of celebrating the festive season by way of our taste buds, the team at Mayfair is delighted to share some of our favorite holiday recipes and local New Braunfels dining and shopping secrets so you can find the perfect ingredient to elevate your holiday feast or a last-minute stocking stuffer for the fellow foodie in your life. 

Join us on this culinary journey through mouth-watering recipes, cherished holiday traditions, and the best New Braunfels has to offer.

The Mayfair Team’s Favorite Holiday Recipes

Green Bean Casserole

Todd Richert, Broker



Butter Bundt Bread

Thad Rutherford, President & CEO



Grandma’s Simple Sage Cornbread Stuffing

Terry Ramirez, Vice President of Operations



Thanksgiving Dressing

James Tipton, Development Manager



Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pecan Bread Pudding

Kristi Robinson, Director of Marketing & Community Relations



Fried Turkey

Chip Mills, Senior Vice President



Mayfair’s Favorite Holiday Traditions and Decor 

What good is an epic Christmas feast if you don’t have the decor to go with it and great people to join the celebration? The crew at Mayfair also has some thoughts about those all-important holiday aesthetics and the beloved family traditions that stand the test of time: 

Mayfair’s Favorite Holiday Hotspots for Shopping

If you still need some gift ideas, these New Braunfels restaurants and gift shops are Holiday game-changers. Here are some of our favorite local shopping (and eating) secrets: 

Mayfair – Your Home for the Holidays and New Braunfels Dining

The whole team at Mayfair would like to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season this year, and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

New Braunfels, Texas, represents a vibrant tapestry where the spirit of small-town America and the aesthetic charms of old-world Europe are woven into the diverse cultural fabric of the area. New Braunfels can take you back centuries with its unique architectural touches, and in the next moment serve as a gateway to the vast natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. The result is a beautiful and distinct hometown culture that is the perfect setting for various celebrations, events, and festivals year-round. Perhaps none of these is as iconic as Wurstfest, New Braunfels’ annual celebration of all things Bavarian. 

The following is a decade-by-decade look at the history of this incredible festival to show what makes Wurstfest the best.

Wurstfest in the 1960s: Birth of a Sausage Celebration

In 1961, Ed Grist, the city meat inspector, dreamt up a one-day festival to celebrate New Braunfels, its unique heritage, and delicious sausages. He got the city on board with his destiny-tinged vision, leading to the first-ever Sausage Festival. That’s right—it wasn’t even officially Wurstfest in its first year! 

At the time, Grist and his collaborators imagined the event as a typical, small-town festival. They may have nurtured a pipe dream of someday expanding it from a single-day affair to a whole weekend if it should catch on. However, in 1963, two years after the festival’s official inauguration, events were scheduled for every night of what had already become “Wurst Week.” 

In the latter days of the 1960s, Wurstfest had become its final name and had its first big relocation, getting a dedicated home at the “Wursthalle” in beloved Landa Park. Before the end of the festival’s first decade in existence, Wurstfest had already expanded to 10 full days and proven capable of drawing thousands of visitors to New Braunfels each year, with attractions and entertainments now including top touring musicians and nearly 50 different food vendors, with inspired options ranging from Wurst tacos to Sauerkraut pizza. 

By the time the 1960s ended, Wurstfest was already a key fixture of the New Braunfels economy. The 1969 festival saw a record 75,000 attendees. 

Wurstfest in the 1970s: A Festival Flourishes

In the 1970s, Wurstfest continued its expansion, adding restrooms, security, event staff facilities, and the iconic Biergarten, ensuring that festival-goers could appreciate authentic Bavarian brews and sausages. In fact, the decade saw over 7.5 additional acres acquired for Wurstfest expansions, effectively tripling the size of the festival grounds by the end of the decade.

Wurstfest in the 1980s: Sausage Hits Its Stride

Wurstfest entered the 1980s looking for unique and memorable ways to expand the festival and its offerings, acquiring fun exhibits like the world’s largest beer bottle collection. The famed collection, purchased from New Braunfels local Jerome Nowonty, contains over 15,000 beer containers. After meticulous curation, only the best 3,000 of them make it into the Wursthalle. 

Another unusual exhibit marked the Wurstfest 25th anniversary celebration in 1985: a temporary post office! While a pop-up postal station might seem like an odd installation for a 10-day festival, guests used it to acquire special cancellation stamps bearing the Wurstfest name. 

Throughout the second half of the 80s, Wurstfest was gaining notoriety as one of the best festivals—not just in Texas but in all of North America—thanks to positive media coverage and word of mouth. This peaked in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany giving the media a special appetite for all things German.

Wurstfest in the 1990s: The Best of Times, The Wurst of Times

Wurstfest continued strong through much of the 1990s, with expansions and more great memories. Then, in 1998, Wurstfest encountered major adversity. 

New Braunfels had another great festival planned for 1998, with Grammy winner Jimmy Sturr slated to headline the entertainment with his world-renowned orchestra. However, disaster struck less than two weeks before the festival’s opening day. The New Braunfels area was hit with torrential rain and massive flooding. Much of the Wurstfest grounds were left underwater, and several Wurstfest expansions, some only two years old, were washed away entirely. 

Wurstfest officials surveyed the vast damage and decided to continue with Wurstfest as planned. The rain continued on as well but could do nothing to dampen the spirits of festival-goers, who helped Wurstfest raise $50,000 for flood victims.

Wurstfest in the New Millenium: Wurstfest 2000 and Beyond

The first significant change to come to Wurstfest in the 21st century occurred in 2002 and involved a generous gift from JPMorgan Chase & Co.: a key half-acre property on Landa Street to be used for improved parking and future expansion.  

In the mid-00s, the sale of a local power plant impacted the Wurstfest landscape, requiring some of the facilities to be moved. Undeterred, Wurstfest continued growing. Expansion through this era included the Kinderhalle, a special children’s entertainment area built in collaboration with the New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department. 

The 00s finished strong, with Saturday, November 7, 2009, going down as the single biggest day in Wurstfest history. This set the stage for Wurstfest’s 50th anniversary blowout in 2010, which welcomed a very special guest: Graf Johannes von Oppersdorf, a direct descendant of Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, the city’s founder. 

Wurstfest continued rolling strong through the 2010s, with a new website, more facilities expansions, and the addition of an offseason Craft Beer Festival in May. This last bit was an instant success, with tickets to the Craft Beer Festival selling out the very first year.  

In 2019, however, started a challenging run for the festival. Mere days after another great Wurstfest wrapped up in 2019, the festival grounds saw a devastating fire, which wiped out the marketplace area used by vendors and also damaged the iconic Wursthalle. Rebuilding began immediately in hopes of a strong return in 2020, but unfortunately, a 2020 festival never took place due to COVID-19. This marked the first cancellation in Wurstfest’s 50-plus-year history as an annual celebration. 

While 2019-2020 was a difficult period for Wurstfest, the nearly quarter-million visitors who showed up in 2021 seem to indicate that the festival is as resilient as ever!

Mayfair: Your Home Near All the Best of Wurstfest

If you’re a Wurstfest fanatic, why not put yourself in the middle of the fun by moving to New Braunfels? Mayfair is a modern residential development conveniently located near all the best New Braunfels has to offer, featuring top home designs from a variety of the area’s most reputable builders. 

Nestled within America’s amber fields and independent farms lies a timeless autumn treasure. The pumpkin patch is where magic and nostalgia intertwine, and every pumpkin has its own tale, waiting to be told through you, your imagination, and your best efforts with a carving knife. Aside from being the perfect place to choose the perfect jack o’ lantern for Halloween 2023, a great pumpkin patch might also have games, face painting, a corn maze, hay rides, hot cider, and any number of other treats. Texas tends to do everything a little bigger, and the pumpkins — and their patches — are no exception in terms of both size and fun! 

If you’re looking for pumpkin patches in New Braunfels, look no further than the New Braunfels Pumpkin Patch 2023. It’s conveniently located at the popular Rockin’ R tour operator in Gruene, TX. Carve out your perfect day on the farm with your family.

New Braunfels Pumpkin Patch 2023 Details

Where: The Pumpkin Patch at Rockin’ R takes place at Rockin’ R Gruene, located at 1405 Gruene Road, nestled along the scenic banks of the Guadalupe River. 

The Rockin’ R’s main business is operating river rides and other tours, but they put this family-oriented customer service experience to great use running their Pumpkin Patch event. Consider coming back during the summer months to try out one of their hugely popular Guadalupe River tubing packages, with prices as low as $25 for a basic tube. 

Local newspaper readers voted The Rockin’ R Best of New Braunfels 2023, so you know your New Braunfels Pumpkin Patch 2023 experience is in good hands with them. 

Please note that there are three other Rockin’ R locations along the Guadalupe River alone and others on the Comal River. The Rockin’ R facility you want to visit for fall pumpkin patch fun is the Rockin’ R in Gruene, once again located at 1405 Gruene Road. 

When: The Pumpkin Patch at Rockin’ R is a month-long event, opening September 30 and lasting through November 18. However, it is only open Wednesdays through Sundays, with operating hours of 10 AM to 8 PM. The pumpkin patch operates throughout October and into November, but you may want to plan your visit around the special “Fall Market & Festival” event taking place for one weekend only, on Saturday, October 28, and Sunday, October 29. This is a special event where the pumpkin patch is filled with vendors, face painting, food, and other fun. 

What: Rockin’ R’s month-long pumpkin patch has a full complement of traditional and unique pumpkin patch amenities, including: 

Little Pumpkin’s Play Patch – Young Children’s Pumpkin Patch New Braunfels, TX 

For the younger kids, Rockin’ R maintains a separate installation called “Little Pumpkin’s Play Patch.” While the standard pumpkin patch is free to enter, Little Pumpkin’s costs $10. Children under two are free, however, and there is also no charge for parents who are only supervising and not partaking in the fun. 

So, what exactly does your little pumpkin get for their $10 admission fee? A full day of fall fun, including: 

Fall Festival & Market at Rockin’ R’s New Braunfels Pumpkin Patch 

The Rockin’ R pumpkin patch will also host a special Fall Festival & Market event on the weekend of Saturday, October 28. Bring your entire family down to the Rockin R’ and enjoy: 

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Fall Festival & Market, you can send an application through the Rockin’ R website. 

Fall Field Trips to the New Braunfels Pumpkin Patch 

A field trip with the whole class is a great way to experience the Pumpkin Patch at Rockin’ R and make lifelong memories with friends, teachers, and classmates. 

If you’re an educator considering a Texas pumpkin patch for a fall field trip destination, consider the package Rockin’ R has to offer you: 

In addition to simply being a fun time for kids of all ages, a seasonal trip to a functioning pumpkin patch offers all sorts of potential for educational experience in areas like: 

Please note that food is not included in the field trip package, but you can access picnic facilities for eating packed lunches.

Mayfair, TX – Your Year-Round Home in New Braunfels 

Instead of visiting New Braunfels for the excitement of pumpkin patch season, why not consider making it your new home? With various floor plans, styles, and ownership options being developed right now, Mayfair is a world-class residential development in New Braunfels that makes a perfect home base for year-round fun in the Texas Hill Country and beyond. Much like you might circle the pumpkin patch for hours before selecting the perfect orange gourd that speaks to your unique aesthetics, Mayfair offers various unit types and purchasing options to fit every style. 

There is no better time to move to New Braunfels, TX, by way of Mayfair than right now. After all, as soon as pumpkin patch season wraps up, another postcard-perfect Christmas in New Braunfels is just around the corner, and you won’t want to miss it. 

New Braunfels, TX, is known for its unique old-world charm, its beautiful location at the rim of the Texas Hill Country, and its ability to give residents and visitors a genuine small-town feel within easy striking distance of San Antonio and its many amenities. For more than a week every autumn, however, New Braunfels is also known for a paradox. That’s because every November, the best thing about New Braunfels… is the wurst.

What Is Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas?

Wurstfest is an Oktoberfest-style celebration that occurs at a seriously impressive scale, outdoing even many celebrations “back in the old country.” Wurstfest New Braunfels includes everything you’d expect from a Texas-sized celebration of German culture: 

While New Braunfels residents are among the most dedicated revelers, the New Braunfels Wurstfest also sees an annual influx of out-of-town visitors, with total Wurstfest attendance nearing a quarter million people in recent years!

When Is Wurstfest in New Braunfels 2023?

Wurstfest New Braunfels 2023 is coming up fast and will occur November 3-12. Visitors planning a trip to Texas centered on a visit to Wurstfest will have a full ten-day window in which to make their way to our unique Alpine-Texan celebration, but be aware that the schedule of events and entertainers can change from day to day. 

For a full, up-to-date schedule, you can pay a visit to the official New Braunfels, Texas, Wurstfest website at, which features a detailed breakdown of where and when all your favorite Wurstfest acts will be performed. 

Some of the acts in the 2023 lineup include: 

Getting Involved in New Braunfels Wurstfest

If you’re ready to be part of the Alpine action and celebrate Old World Bavaria under the big Texas sky, there are a number of ways you can get involved in Wurstfest: 

Mayfair, TX – The Ultimate Home for Wurstfest Enthusiasts

If you love the Bavarian vibes and Old World charm of your annual Wurstfest visit, a permanent home in New Braunfels might be more accessible than you think. Visit the Mayfair New Braunfels main page and click the “Stay Connected” link in the upper left corner so that you can be the first to know about new units available. 

The main roads are paved in the first phase! It’s exciting to see the roundabout take shape and roads now lead the way to the future first park, builder models, elementary school and Midtown Mayfair.

DNT will finish this phase of construction on the main roads by early September, and CC Carlton plans to begin laying base for the first neighborhood next month with paving slated for early November. DNT will then gear up for construction to begin in September on the second neighborhood of homes. 

5 Star is now clearing the way for the community’s Waste Water Treatment Facility on the eastern border with the Cloacina plant estimated to arrive in November. Southstar and J&A Wastewater are overseeing this effort and coordinating electrical, structural and civil engineering as well as construction by 5 Star.

A new regional storm facility is well underway by D&D Construction with completion of the dam expected for November.

And an exciting highlight for future home and business owners – Centric Gas and Fiber contractors are now onsite installing natural gas lines and high-speed fiber for the Mayfair community!

This all leads the way for builders to begin new home construction in early 2024 with models expected in late Spring/early Summer.

Watch it all take shape.